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OPiS Sends A Message While On The Road

"We want people to know who we are, and what we do!" says John Helmick of Ohio Property Inspection Services. OPiS now has five totally wrapped vehicles in the Central Ohio area that provide information about the services the company can provide. "We spend several hours a day on the road traveling between inspections. We wanted to find a way to use our vehicles as an advertising tool to communicate essential information effectively.


Inspection Services

Home inspections are performed by OPIS certified inspectors per the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. Inspectors perform a thorough visual inspection of the property for major defects that may affect the habitability of the home. The scope of the inspection is limited to major deficiencies that affect the habitability of the home. Minor, routine maintenance and repair items not affecting the habitability of the home are not included in a standard whole house inspection. (Maintenance inspections are a separate service; please inquire with your local office.) The inspection is not a code or compliance inspection of any kind.


Inspection Reports

Click on this button to download your inspection report(s). Be prepared to have the PIN number that was provided by your OPiS inspector ready.

At OPiS, we want to get the information from all of the inspections that you ordered to you in a timely and efficient manner. There is so much available to us from a technology standpoint that we can get this information to you by you downloading reports here from our web-site, by e-mail, or by FAX. If you elect to attend the inspection, we will provide your reports to you either in hardcopy format (printed out), or by electronic format - as we will burn the files on a CD for you to easily keep with your records.